Why Act Now?

Because the path our government entities (all of them) has put us on in the recent years goes well beyond fiscal mismanagement and heads us down the road of skyhigh inflation and taxation, even with which we may not avoid national bankruptcy.  Both political parties have their share of blame for this, as do we for our tolerance up to now.

We all probably know a family that bought too much house and every expensive toy, maxed out on credit cards, took out a second mortgage to pay off the cards, maxed out their cards again and now are headed for bankruptcy.  Our government is doing no better.

Consider the graph of the projected deficits in the header above; these have been declared as unsustainable by nearly every major fiscal analyst in the private sector.  And this preceded the even worse actual facts of recent days:

The time to act now, because if this continues, our children will inherent a generation of crushing debt, hyperinflation and capitalism fleeing the U.S. for more friendly environs.  Change must begin in2010 and 2012; there is no time left.


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