Meet us July 4th at Southfork!

UPDATE: A reminder: Parking will be $10 per car but the event itself is free.  Bring coolers, but no alcohol; all coolers will be checked.  Bring chairs, blankets, shade tents, etc.

Michelle Malkin is the key speaker and will be on around 8 pm, but Capt. Scott O’Grady, (hero of the Bosnian conflict; shot down, evading capture for 6 days) will be on in the 7:20pm timeframe.  Bottom line: be sure to be there and settled in by 7pm.  The fireworks display will be fantastic, especially with the minimal light pollution out at South Fork.

Details will be here as they come out, but it will be an evening event with fireworks and live bands.



Welcome to the home of Plano Tea Party

We who live in Plano, Texas and demand a return of fiscal sanity to government, now have a philosophical home.  This is not a party-oriented movement; member from all parties are welcome, big-spending politician of all stripes contested equally.

What we have in common is the horror of graphs like below, which assures that we are passing economic collapse and crushing debt on to the following generations.  While many of us have other issues in common (2nd Amendment support, immigration enforcement, terrorist protection, family issues), none of them are the focus of this site, because national bankruptcy would trump them all.