When – Wednesday, July 15th 7:00 – 9:00pm
Where – Parr Library  6200 Windhaven Parkway, Plano, TX 75093

Several Zip code coordinators are scheduling a local meeting for the Plano-area Tea Party supporters (a continuation of previous local meetings)

The goal of this meeting is to start developing a strategy to maximize the impact in the 2010 elections and, wherever possible issues currently before Congress. At the pace of the fiscal insanity in Washington, we must start action now, culminating in the 2010 election cycle, or it will be too late.

Regular meetings will be held from now on (hopefully on a Tuesday or a Thursday) to continue the education and organization efforts.  However, the sooner we all get together, the more effective we will be locally. We hope to see you there!


9 responses to “Meetings

  1. I would like to participate! Where and when?

  2. A “BUNCH” of us at Prestonwood want to get involved. Keep up the good work.


  3. What Obama wants to do with the elections from what I understand with e-mail is against the law. Where he is asking Democratic to retrieve e-mail addresses from their Republican friends and send them to the White House. So the Obama administration can start e-mailing them.

    This resent law that Obama is going to sign where he can use the military to throw American Citizens in prison without a warrant. We are in trouble when Republicans support breaking the Constitution. Thank you Senator McCain.

    i refer to Sam Johnson as a person who has the easiest job. Doesn’t have to show up for work and still get re-elected. He is representative that makes his living showing up for Veteran’s day and meeting with little old ladies for a cucumber sandwiches. What has Sam done?

  4. Jeanne Hurlebaus

    I am interested in getting into a local Tea Party. I live in Plano, TX. Do you still meet at the Parr Library? The last date listed of a meeting was July 15. Please tell me where you are meeting and when.

    Jeanne Hurlebaus

  5. Jeanne Hurlebaus

    Thanks for your reply. My friend and I are interested in getting into a really active group. Sounds like you don’t meet too often. I called Parr Library and they had nothing on their schedule for September at this time. Do you know of another group that is active and meets regularly and we can join?
    Thank you.
    Jeanne Hurlebaus

  6. Are there any demonstrations planned at this time: to show support for our Constitution and flag. And 2ndly to tell our government that we do not want our money to go to nations that do not respect our constitution and our rights.

  7. Are there any daytime meetings?

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