This site is for the nonpartisan advocacy of fiscal responsibility in government at all level for citizens in and around Plano, Texas.  The authors include the following:

Site Founder: Mike O

A well-into-middle-aged database developer with political experience dating back to the Goldwater era.  After 24 years as a grassrooters workers, gave up in disgust when the RINOs (or Rockefeller Republicans, as they used to be called) took operational control of the GOP.  First heard about the impending bankruptcy of this nation from a fellow on the GE talk circuit by the name of Ronald Reagan… in 1963.  The rate at which we’ve moved toward fiscal Armmaggedon varies, but has always been forward.  Time to put on the brakes for our grand-children’s sake.

And for those think I’m nothing but a tight-fisted heartless right-wing radical, I believe my actions here refute that pretty adequately


One response to “About

  1. Glad to see there are “heartless right-wing radical”s that do good works! LOL
    I am really thankful that you have taken the reins to get the Tea Party movement solidified here, in Plano. I am interested in meeting with other like-minded individuals to help organize the next Tea Party.
    I’m glad to be involved, especially if there are things I can do from home.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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