We’ve Moved!

To accommodate  our growth into supporting Tea Party activities in Richardson, Frisco, Allen and elsewhere, we decided to go with the more generic name of North Texas Tea Party; the new website is:


Our apologies in the delay of getting this notice up.  Things have been popping and we’ve had some recent tactical victories, so come on over and join us!  Turning this around depends on you.


3 responses to “We’ve Moved!

  1. See the greaat article in today’s Plano Star Courier, regarding Kevin Anderson & other person’s from the Plano Tea Party speaking at the
    Plano City Council meeting, August 14, 2010.
    Good Show!!

  2. Sorry, Sonja; this is another group that formed after the original Tea Party changed to the North Texas Tea Party. Their site is http://www.planoteaparty.org. Kudos to them for taking up this local issue; fiscal responsibility is needed at EVERY level.

  3. I would like all info on tea party in Plano Texas. Rallies and gatherings

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