The July 4th Dallas Tea Party was great; Now What?

Despite a few technical glitches, the Dallas Tea Party July 4th got together over 15,000 patriots in common bond that the direction government is wrong, not fiscally sustainable, and a degradation of our rights and liberties under the Constitution.  Now what?

It is time to take action and that action needs to be aimed at the 2010 elections, primarily legislative.  Incumbents and potential challengers need to be judged- on their deeds whenever possible- as to their support and advocacy for a return to fiscal sanity in government.  It is time to start accessing each race at each level and to determine where to apply the resources of Tea Party to affect positive change.

In our area of North Texas, that will likely take two forms.  The first is to identify those GOP incumbents who talk a good game, but don’t vote that way.  It will also be to identify statewide or nearby races where non-conservative Democrats are vulnerable and can be replaced by strong fiscal conservatives in the general election.

The first step is to gain familiarity with incumbent records and electoral results (to determine vulnerability).  For that purpose, pages containing that data will be developed on this site.  And local meetings will be held to discuss this and plans of action; keep checking back.


One response to “The July 4th Dallas Tea Party was great; Now What?

  1. Keep me posted on up-coming events and marches so I may support the effort to take back our government and operate under our constitution.

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