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An Invitation to Janeane Garofalo

Not one likely to be accepted;too much danger of learning something.


Cap and Trade was passed when NO ONE Had Read it!

Has there ever been such a case of legislative mafesence within the American government before?  NO ONE in the House had read the Cap & Trade Bill before it was passed! Good, bad or indifferent, it doesn’t matter; it can now be ‘finalized’ to include ANYTHING!

July 4th, be sure to bring plenty of signs protesting this latest defiling of the Constitution to South Fork..

Father’s Day

I hope all the guys out there had a good Father’s day.  Me, I spent about 2 ½ hours of it- in the heat of the late morning- doing a literature drop to promote the Dallas Tea Party’s July 4th event at South Fork Ranch.  Why would I do that on a day that- as a Dad- I had every right to be lazy?  Because I spent a good part of the previous two days following the violence in Iran.  I did it because of Neda, the beautiful young woman whose horrible death on the streets of Tehran has exploded across the internet.

You see, in this country, it doesn’t take a great deal of bravery to oppose government policy.  And the current government policy- as we all know- will lead to national bankruptcy.  We have the ability to affect change in this nation that is the envy of much of the world, without getting murdered on the streets or having goons kick in our doors and make us disappear.

And July 4th is the day we celebrate that right, among others; those rights bought in blood over the centuries.  That right to oppose- and its importance- has been clarified to me over the past few days.  And I will not waste it.  Will you?

If not, meet us at South Fork July 4th.  And do everything you can to bring every like-minded neighbor or family member.  To show our mass opposition to current policies that will cripple this nation, to honor the people who gave us this right, and to honor Neda and others lost in the fight for similar rights elsewhere.

Mike Openshaw

Scary Graphs of the Week

UPDATE:  Scary unemployment, with pre-stimulus projections.  Can we get the stimulus money back, Please?




Only Germany in the 1920s matched this one... and ended up using currency as a cheaper alternative to wallpaper:


FDIC going belly up; I smell another bailout coming